Thursday, January 20, 2011

{ design, build, live } by Stuctured Green

DESIGN well. BUILD to last. LIVE with beauty - this is Structured Green's philosophy. They not only build beautiful, well made wood furniture, they build it with the goal of not harming anyone or anything in the process. Structured Green stands behind their products and takes the environment and our health very seriously. Thank you Structured Green!

What makes Structured Green eco-friendly?
  • quality materials and construction - built to last
  • FSC certified woods
  • reclaimed lumber and salvaged metals
  • water-based adhesives
  • food grade tung oil and local beeswax
  • facility has no air conditioning, dual flush toilets, full recycling program, and running as paperless as possible
  • goal to be 100% carbon neutral
  • made in the USA

{manny media console}

{mid-century modern - love it!}

{weave credenza}

{beautiful details and texture!}

{duv coffee table}

{very sculptural!}

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