Monday, January 31, 2011

New PURE patterns for Spring 2011!

This is a hard and exciting time of year - I'm deciding on which fabric patterns to introduce for Spring 2011!! I always find it so hard because I can't print every design, so I have to choose. Here are the patterns I'm considering. Next, I will figure out the colors - this again is hard because I can't pick every color!! The final fabrics will be show at greenprint April 20th, 2011!

{ spiral }

{ big flower }

{ chain }

{ dahlia }

{ branch }

{ feather flower }

{ marathon }

{ metal }

{ whisk }

Friday, January 28, 2011

FUN Friday Find { chunky, modern, scrap }

When looking for a FUN Friday Find, I came across Studio Surface. They are a full service interior design studio, that also creates original accessories and furniture. I'm a BIG fan of custom furniture!! But on to the FUN, instead of scrapping wood scraps, they create wonderful jewelry pieces. I'm loving the organic, chunky, modern shapes!

What makes Studio Surface jewelry eco-friendly?
  • made from sustainable harvest Cocobolo & Ebony
  • material are leftover scraps so nothing is wasted
  • recycled packaging
  • handmade
  • made in the USA

Thursday, January 27, 2011

{ textured, natural, grassy } shades by Hartmann & Forbes

I'm a huge fan of natural grass shades - I love the organic textures and filtered soft light they add to a room. I was thrilled when I found Hartmann & Forbes, not only because of their beautiful, natural fiber fabrics and top quality, but because they have a sustainability mission to minimize their impact on the environment.

What makes Hartmann & Forbes eco-friendly?
  • made of natural materials grown in a well-managed eco-systems
  • hand woven by skilled artisans
  • take-back program to recycle old shades
  • started Project-Green to reduce their corporate footprint
  • Many fabrics are Greenspec listed
  • Greenguard Certification

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Brainstorm Wednesday { backbone?! }

Today, I was creating what I thought was going to be a fun new pattern, and when I stepped back I thought, "Did I just create a backbone pattern?!" I'm not sure I'm loving the pattern, but that's what "Brainstorming" is all about - sometimes it works and sometimes it's a flop. Oh well, I had fun, not every scribble has to be a masterpiece, right!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

WOW { lighting, plumbing, tile } by Rocky Mountain Hardware

I always knew that Rocky Mountain Hardware made eco-friendly hardware, but I just visited their website and WOW they have gorgeous products! Not just hardware but lighting, faucets, sinks, tile... It is all so beautiful!

What makes Rocky Mountain Hardware eco-friendly?
  • contains a minimum of 90% recycled content, 50% post-consumer
  • LEED Gold rated headquarters
  • highest quality
  • lifetime guarantee
  • made in the USA

{ LOVE this sink & sconce! }

{ Hawaiian porch }

{ gorgeous, textured tile backsplash }

{ beautiful faucets & sinks }

{ large modern pendents }

{ lake house hardware }

Monday, January 24, 2011

Letterpress Printing by Smock { quality, sustainable, gorgeous}

Smock is a letterpress printing company, which not only produces gorgeous paper products, but they are the first print shop in the USA to offer printing on luxury bamboo paper. I really love the precious designs and color palettes created by Amy Graham Stigler. They create cards, invitations, bags, boxes, notepads, sticky note... Plus they do custom!

What makes Smock paper products eco-friendly?
  • papers include luxury bamboo & 100% posts-consumer recycled paper
  • inks are vegetable-oil based and low VOC
  • solvents are citrus-based
  • all the waste is recycled
  • packaging is recycled, reused, biodegradable, and petroleum free
  • entirely wind-powered
  • works with the Conservation Fund's Go Zero program...

{ NO wrapping pater needed! }

{ we all need sticky notes }

{ beautiful cards }

{ unique double sided wrapping paper }

{ lovely note books }

Inside look into my design process...

Today I thought I would describe my design process... Every design is different, but here is a simplified example of the steps I take when creating a custom piece of upholstery, including custom fabric patterns.

  • I sketch the furniture & determine the exact dimensions & style. I work off a photo, client sketch, verbal description, or my imagination.

{ Drawing of my 84" sofa with rounded arms & t-cushion }

  • Custom fabric patterns are drawn, colored, & rendered to create a perfect pattern match.

{ My "Petal Drop" pattern }

{ My "Twin Flower" pattern }

  • Once all drawings are approved, the order is sent to the fabricator.
  • I keep a close watch on the order & update the client along the way.
  • In about 8 weeks the order is complete!

{ The completed custom sofa and pillows! }

This is a simplified design process - I lot of things happen in-between these steps - for more details contact me and also visit my Furniture page.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Fun Friday Find {rustic, modern, colorful}

These FUN log bowls are from the Loyal Loot Collective - they are design by Doha Chebib. I love the colors and textures - what a fun idea!

What makes these log bowls eco-friendly?
  • made from reclaimed trees
  • handmade by local crafts people
  • water-based finish

Thursday, January 20, 2011

{ design, build, live } by Stuctured Green

DESIGN well. BUILD to last. LIVE with beauty - this is Structured Green's philosophy. They not only build beautiful, well made wood furniture, they build it with the goal of not harming anyone or anything in the process. Structured Green stands behind their products and takes the environment and our health very seriously. Thank you Structured Green!

What makes Structured Green eco-friendly?
  • quality materials and construction - built to last
  • FSC certified woods
  • reclaimed lumber and salvaged metals
  • water-based adhesives
  • food grade tung oil and local beeswax
  • facility has no air conditioning, dual flush toilets, full recycling program, and running as paperless as possible
  • goal to be 100% carbon neutral
  • made in the USA

{manny media console}

{mid-century modern - love it!}

{weave credenza}

{beautiful details and texture!}

{duv coffee table}

{very sculptural!}