Friday, February 24, 2012

Actual printed photos { Friday FUN }

I love my digital camera - I love editing and using my photos online, but I miss actual printed photos.  I know, I can print them, but it is not the same...  Remember dropping off your film and waiting for it to be developed?  The excitement of picking them up and looking through them as soon as you got into you car.  Okay, most of the photos were not great, but you could easily add them to your photo albums and look through them anytime.  Now everything is on our computers, phones, and cameras.  I rarely sit in front of my computer looking through family photos, but put an actual album in my hand and I LOVE it.  Somehow the ease of digital photography has made it more work to print and enjoy our photos.  A digital camera allows us to take a TON of photos - why not, we don't have to pay for the film any more.  So in order to even considering printing out a photo, I have to look through every photo, and of course edit each one to make them as perfect as possible.  This is a lot of work and overwhelming because of the number of years I've been using a digital camera.  Anyway, today I was browsing Pinterest and  found some great, simple ways to display photos - no frames or perfection, just simple snapshots.  I'm going to make it a point to start printing some photos so I can reminisce outside of my computer...

Have a great weekend everyone!

Pinned Image

Source: via PURE on Pinterest

Source: via PURE on Pinterest


Source: via PURE on Pinterest

Source: via PURE on Pinterest

Source: PURE on Pinterest

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

PURE Elements Collection

Just released - PURE Elements Collection!!  This collection of organic cotton canvas consists of some of my favorite patterns and colors.  It is different than my PURE Bliss and PURE Kick Collections because it is printed with low-impact reactive dye, which allows for deeper, richer, color, as well as, better wear and washability.  I'm so excited to share it with you!!

Swatches anyone?

PURE Element Collection

Petal Ring { PURE Elements Collection }

Twist { PURE Elements Collection }

Mini Zebra { PURE Elements Collection }

Smock { PURE Elements Collection }

Dahlia { PURE Elements Collection }

Thursday, February 9, 2012

guest post { A Bit Of Bamboo }

Today’s guest post is from Jessica, a writer for Arcadian Lighting blog.  It is all about bamboo furniture - I really LOVE the lime green bamboo Chippendale chairs!

Hello everyone! I'm Jessica, a writer from Arcadian Lighting, which is a wonderful online source for lighting fixtures and interior design inspiration. I'm delighted to be guest posting on PURE Inspired Design today because I'm going to be sharing some very lovely interiors that feature bamboo. Aside from the fact that bamboo is aesthetically pleasing, it is also Eco-friendly. Bamboo grows quickly without the need for pesticides, fertilizers and or even much water. I hope you enjoy!
Chinese Chippendale Chair
A single white Chinese Chippendale chare looks perfect against the ornate, vibrante curtains in this vignette. I love the subtle bit of blue piping on the curtains as well.

Bamboo Railings and Chairs
This delightful patio has a wonderfully exotic air with white bamboo railings and chairs. The pale pink has just a slight tropical flair that is very relaxing.

Chippendale Chairs
A bright key lime green helps these bamboo Chippendale chairs really pop against the dark brown shelves. Even the sparkling pendant light above have a slight green tint.

Bamboo Furnishing
This charming living room features a fun assortment of patterns. From the zigzag pattern on the floor to the floral pillows, the room is fresh and lively. Bamboo chairs and sofas join an eclectic mix of furnishings.

Bamboo Cupboard
The pink and green color of this girl's bedroom is so fresh and unexpected. The bamboo cupboard with pagoda details on top is especially whimsical and sweet.

Golden Bamboo Table
A lovely combination of Asian style and Hollywood Regency results in a very chic, glamorous room. The golden bamboo table picks up on the brilliant sunburst mirror. Even the wallpaper has a bamboo pattern.

Bamboo Furnishing
This casual living room has a decidedly colonial feel with it's mix of traditional furnishings and Asian accent pieces. Petite wall lamps bring attention to the collection of books in the built-in shelves.

Bamboo Chairs
This dining room is full of elegance and chic details. The bamboo chairs offer an unexpected, intricate accent to the room.

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Have you incorporated any bamboo into your home décor? For more eco-friendly design ideas and lamps to light your home, stop by Arcadian Lighting!