Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why made in the USA??!

I know I have not been blogging for a few months ...  Life gets busy and to tell you the truth, I just feel like I have writers block lately.  But today, I was asked this question by Citizen Native:

"Why is it important for you to dedicate your business to be an American manufacturer?"

Why do I work so hard to keep my product made in here USA...  I want to help keep other US based companies alive and thriving – I love supporting and being supported by small businesses in the US! This is my main driving force behind making my product here in the USA.  By buying and selling products made here we are supporting each other.  It seems like a win-win situation, BUT we have one big obstacle - What do people think things should cost?  Since so much of the market is flooded with imports which, are low in priced and quality, people think all products should be priced at this lower price point even if they are made in the USA.  Why can't we compete with import prices?  Well, we have this thing called minimum wage plus US based craftsman will not and should not make a third world wage.  People need to be educated as to why imports are so much less and they need to make the decision to purchase US made products even if this means waiting and saving to make the purchase.  Our society wants stuff now cheap and fast, and it ends up in the landfills – We need to change this.

Here is a scene to illustrate this problem from the movie "Outsourced", which I love by the way.

Let's support each other and buy local and US made products.