Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday FUN Find { Baby it's hot outside.... }

We are having a scorcher of a Summer here in Minnesota as well as everywhere else it seems...  And although these vintage electric fans would not help much, I think they are so FUN!  Have a wonderful weekend and stay COOL!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

What I've been up to....

It has been a busy time for me and blogging has not been my top priority.  All my time has been going into my new online PURE Inspired Design Home Store.  When I first started designing custom eco-friendly fabrics, rugs, and furniture, my goal was to be fun, modern, high quality, and affordable.  As time passed pricing became an issue (meaning to high for comfort) - my new online store is a dream come true because I feel very comfortable with the pricing, and it is still fun, modern, and high quality.  It is only the beginning - every season I will create 5 new patterns in a new color way - always keeping it fresh and fun!  I will also be adding products like shower curtains, accent furniture, bedding, lamps....  Love any input!!  What products and/or colors would you like to see?  I'm already dreaming up my next collection!!

{ Organic Fabrics, PURE Bliss Collection }

{ Organic pillows, PURE Bliss Collection }

{ Organic Placemates, PURE Bliss Collection }

{ Smock Organic Fabrics, PURE Bliss Collection }

{ Playful Organic Fabrics, PURE Bliss Collection }

{ Chain Organic Fabrics, PURE Bliss Collection }

{ Clover Organic Fabrics, PURE Bliss Collection }

{ Brick Organic Fabrics, PURE Bliss Collection }

Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday FUN Find { beautiful wood vespa }

I just love the beauty of this all wood vespa!  It is build by Carpintaria Carlos Alberto.  It would be so FUN to scoot around an oceanside town in one of these... Now that would be a Friday FUN Day!!!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A dream to have a beautiful, simple life....

In 2001 I was just starting my career as an interior designer.  I was addicted to design books - always reading and learning - full of that relentless energy and true passion.  I have always been drawn to the book "PURE Style Living" by Jan Comberbatch.  It is not really a design book, it is more of a lifestyle.  It talks about simple living, uncluttered functional spaces, soft beautiful color, natural textures, fresh food...  I've had this book for 10 years and every time I pick it up it still feels relevant and I dream of a simpler life and hope to achieve this type of peace & serenity if not today maybe tomorrow....

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Launching an affordable online store!!

Since I started designing fabrics and rugs, I've been dreaming of creating an affordable line, which I could offer through an online store.  Well, here it is!!  Over the last few weeks I have been designing my new online store, which currently features my new Summer patterns by the yard, flat weave wool rugs, and sample pillows.  I will be adding photography for the rugs as soon as I receive the samples.  Also I will be adding pillows, placemats, shower curtains...  Great thing is I can still offer CUSTOM colors for a small upcharge!

Let me know what you think - I would LOVE feedback and suggestions!!