Friday, April 25, 2014

Vibrant Nursery Concept Board

  1. Petit Collage - Flower Bamboo Mobile
  2. nest PURE - Dahlia Pillow in Orange
  3. Inhabit - Madera in Grass Hand Tufted Wool Rug
  4. Mod Mom Furniture - The Bertie Box

Monday, April 7, 2014

Unsightly Wrinkles { perfect solution }

I had a huge problem and it was driving me crazy.  I purchase a flat weave rug for our new family room.  The  style, colors, and price were perfect, but without a rug pad it was a disaster.  As soon as I had it all straight and in the right position, my dog would tear through the area and the rug would slide and wrinkle.  The rug is wool but a little thin and light so against the smooth bamboo it would slid all over.  Our dog thought it was great fun, but I didn't.

When Rug Pad USA contact me and asked if I would do a product review, of course, I jump at the chance.  If their rug pad solved my problem, I would be forever grateful.  They sent me the Premium-Lock Felt and Rubber Pad, which they said would solve my problem.  I was very happy that is was also eco-friendly - the top is recycled felt and the back is 100% natural latex rubber.

The pad arrived and I was surprised that it was thick and heavy - not like the usual rug pads.  I moved all my furniture and laid the pad.  I needed to cut it down a little - I just used a regular pair of utility scissors.  Once I rolled the rug on to the pad I could immediately feel the difference.  Not only was the pad gripping the rug, but the rug felt thicker and heavier.

The true test was having our dog run through the area, and sure enough the rug did not budge.  I'm so happy an grateful for the opportunity to review the Premium-Lock Felt and Rubber Pad from Rug Pad USA.  It has REALLY made a huge difference and I will recommend them to everyone!

Thank you Rug Pad USA!

doesn't he look guilty! }

{ every time I turned around this is what I would see }

{ so many wrinkles! }

{ pad is thick with latex backing }

{ the top of the pad is felt, which grips to the rug }

{ rug is staying put! }

{ it is flat, smooth. and cushy }

{ no wrinkles even after the dog runs around! }

{ problem solved }