Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Construction Complete!!
{ PURE Beach Dream Home, post #11 }

Things have been unbelievably busy!  I wish I could have shared more of the beach house process, but as one person doing it all there just is not enough time in the day. I'm stretched thin between my business, the beach house, and family.  BUT I'm happy to say that construction is FINALLY complete on our PURE Beach House!!

We started with just a sign:

Now we have a beautiful beach house:

Our work is not done yet!!  Now we are ordering furnishings and planning our trip to get the house already to enjoy.  My budget is tight - when I say tight I mean tight!  Luckily I have the upholstery pieces already in my inventory.  I'm bartering some workroom labor to get the drapery and pillows made. We are making headboards covered with eco-leather and we are also making a 8' dining table and console table.  Overstock.com and Ikea are great resources for style and low price, and if you look hard you can even find eco-friendly products.  In February I will be sharing the process and posting a lot of photos.  I'm happy to say this adventure is almost over - The best news is that starting April 1st we will be offering our home as a vacation rental!