Thursday, June 28, 2012

Sharing my laundry redo!!

I don't usually post about my own home, but I have been meaning to share my Laundry Redo for a while.  Last May 2011 we adopted our dog Java from Last Hope.

{ Java - isn't he cute! }

His kennel took up what little floor space we had in our laundry room. It was terrible trying to getting stuff in and out of the dryer.  We had to do something.  Our washer and dryer were about 15 years old or so and not efficient at all.  It was time for a new washer and dyer, but how could we create space without tearing down the walls??

{ Literally only 1 foot of floor space! }

{ Old washer and dryer had to go! }

We got a great deal on a stackable Samsung washer and dryer right before Thansgiving - this is the best time to shop for appliances.  What a huge difference it made - there is actually room for the kennel next to the washer and dryer!!!  But we needed a counter.

{ New washer and dryer }

To save on money we build a counter platform ourselves out of plywood.  It is angled to allow for maximum surface area.  We also installed a shelf from Ikea.

{ Plywood counter - washer & dryer side }

{ Plywood counter - sink side }

Now look at all the floor space we have between the wall and the washer and dryer!!  I know the room is small, but I can actually stand in front of the washer and dryer and get stuff in and out!  I hate the flooring but it will do for now - It is just a laundry room :)  I may add a fun runner though!

{ Floor space!!! }

I stained the plywood platform to match our existing cabinet - it looks like it has always been this way! We had dark gray Silestone installed on top off the plywood frame.  We used the existing sink.  I also added a little valance made with one of my fabric samples and some art work.

{ Nice counter space! }

The space under the counter is used for Java's kennel.  I want to replace the kennel with something build the exact shape of the counter top, but it is just fine for now.  I'm looking for a cute laundry basket and some art to stick to the side of the dryer.  We are so happy with our Laundry Redo and doing laundry is so much easier!

{ Kennel space }

{ Wow - CLEAN! }

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Landscaping Plan
{ PURE Beach Dream Home post #3 }

I don't know much about plants, especially in Florida!  Erin at Coastal Design & Landscaping did a beautiful landscaping plan for us.  We love all the white sand and no grass to mow!!  The development has lots of natural vegetation and wildlife.  The goal is for the home to have native plants that are easy to maintain, which blend in with the natural surrounds.  My favorite is the Butterfly Weed!

{ Landscaping Plan }

{ Little Gem Magnolia }

{ Sable Palm }

{ Muhly Grass }

{ Sand Cordgrass }

{ stokes aster }

{ Black Eyed Susan }

{ Butterfly Weed }

{ Dune Sunflower }

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Exterior: Colors, Lights & Fans
{ PURE Beach Dream Home, post #2 }

I have to keep moving on the design for our beach home!  If you missed the first post check it out:  Breaking Ground{ PURE Beach Dream Home, post #1 }  I'm starting with the exterior - colors for the community are much bolder than here in Minnesota.  It is hard to translate the colors digitally, but you get the idea.  In the next month or so I will have actual photos of the exterior!  I've also pick beachy brushed antique nickel exterior lights and of course some fans.

{ front elevation with colors }

{ exterior lights }

{ front porch fans }

{ back porch fans }


(I'm still looking for the best deals - I'll keep you posted)

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Breaking Ground
{ PURE Beach Dream Home, post #1 }

I've mentioned this before in my post "My dream... { boardwalks, beaches, biking }", we purchased a lot in Windmark Beach about 6 years ago for a vacation/retirement home .  This development is located in a little town call Port St. Joe on the panhandle of Florida - it is a very small ocean side town, which we love.  I'm so excited to share this news - we have FINALLY broke ground!!!  During the next 6 months I will be sharing the progress and interior design planning of our "PURE" Beach Dream Home.  We are on a tight budget, and I'm trying to be as eco-friendly as possible - it will be a challenge, but I am up for it!!! Here are the drawing and photos of the development, as well as Port St. Joe.  I can't wait to share more!!

{ front elevation }

back elevation }

first floor }

second floor - we should have a ocean view from the deck! }

progress so far - not much, but piers are in, see left side of sign }

lot - only a 5 minutes walk along beautiful boardwalks! }

our house will look similar to this house - but different colors! }

beach is so peaceful }

sea turtles lay their eggs right on our beach }

beautiful landscaping throughout the development }

white sand beaches }

community pool }

main board walk to the beach }

aerial view of development }

boardwalks }

downtown Windmark Beach }

roads through development }

Port St. Joe, FL }

{ marina }

Piggly Wiggly }

{ Dockside Cafe in the marina }