Tuesday, September 13, 2011

My dream...
{ boardwalks, beaches, biking }

About 5 years ago we purchased a beach lot in beautiful Windmark Beach, which is located in the tiny fishing village of Port St. Joe, Florida.  The beaches are white sand with turquoise water - so quiet and natural.  It is a real paradise.  What I love most about the community are the boardwalks that run through the entire development.  I would LOVE to hop on a beautiful Public Bike and take a daily ride on all the boardwalks...  Progress is slow, but it looks like we may be building soon!!  Our home will be a vacation rental for a few years, but we will be living there within 7 years (my kids will be in college by then).  I can't wait to get out of cold Minnesota :)  I will keep posting updates on the progress as well as the design plan - I will be using my beautiful eco products and money saving ideas.  It will be SOOO FUN!!

{ Our beach house rendering }

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  1. What a fun post! My friend Suzanne is coming down to see us in San Francisco, just to try out Public Bikes. She will love your post.