Thursday, September 5, 2013

Announcing a New Addition!
{ PURE "Sol" Beach House }

We have a new beautiful lime green Organic cotton bean bag chair at the PURE "Sol" Beach House!  Ahh! Products sent us this wonderful new addition.  The bean bag chair is top quality and looks great in the kids room - the lime green is perfect!  I love how plump it is and that it has a water-repellent liner, which means the cover can be washed and the bag can easily be refilled when needed.

Thank you Ahh! Products for the perfect bean bag!!

What makes Ahh! Bean Bag Chairs eco-friendly?
  • Top quality (so it will not end up in the landfill any time soon)
  • 100% certified organic cotton twill cover
  • Filled with reground strofoam
  • Made in the USA 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Why made in the USA??!

I know I have not been blogging for a few months ...  Life gets busy and to tell you the truth, I just feel like I have writers block lately.  But today, I was asked this question by Citizen Native:

"Why is it important for you to dedicate your business to be an American manufacturer?"

Why do I work so hard to keep my product made in here USA...  I want to help keep other US based companies alive and thriving – I love supporting and being supported by small businesses in the US! This is my main driving force behind making my product here in the USA.  By buying and selling products made here we are supporting each other.  It seems like a win-win situation, BUT we have one big obstacle - What do people think things should cost?  Since so much of the market is flooded with imports which, are low in priced and quality, people think all products should be priced at this lower price point even if they are made in the USA.  Why can't we compete with import prices?  Well, we have this thing called minimum wage plus US based craftsman will not and should not make a third world wage.  People need to be educated as to why imports are so much less and they need to make the decision to purchase US made products even if this means waiting and saving to make the purchase.  Our society wants stuff now cheap and fast, and it ends up in the landfills – We need to change this.

Here is a scene to illustrate this problem from the movie "Outsourced", which I love by the way.

Let's support each other and buy local and US made products.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

My PURE Inspired Life – Not yet…

Some thoughts to share… As our trip to our PURE “Sol” Beach House came to an end my anxiety started to build – my mood started changing as I anticipated returning to the office. Stress came floating back interfering with my last few days in paradise. Our 22 hour drive back gave me a lot of time to think “Why do I feel this way?”

We all feel the dread of returning to work after a vacation or even the weekend. I love what I do – at least most of it, so why do I feel this way? Why are vacations necessary? Why can’t we just turn off at the end of the day? Why do we expect so much and end up doing so little? Why are we always wasting time and energy checking email, social media, and analytics? Are we ever 100% focused? Are we present in the moment? My kids are always saying I’m not listening, because they are right. Since I have my own business I’m always working – I go into my home office to check something on the weekend and end up gone for a few hours. I’m always on my phone checking email, Facebook, and Twitter, but does this make me more productive? No, I don’t think so. We need to do what matters and stop wasting time. Several years ago my phone was just a phone, now it is an extension of me and my business, which means I am always working. We need to set boundaries and stick to them. This is hard because we are additive to technology! I know I am – l love my computer and phone! What would happen if we shut off our phone after 5pm and on the weekend? Or at least just used it as a phone for calling not surfing… Would this free up time and create a higher quality down time? What if we read an actual book instead of Facebook? What if during the work day we only checked our email a few times a day? Could we do all the things we think we don’t have time for?

A lot of questions, right? I’m going to make some changes and see what happens.
  • My works will only be Monday – Friday and my day will end at 5pm (I sometimes work until 7 or 8pm)
  • My phone will just be a phone after 5pm – maybe just check Facebook but no email or business stuff
  • No games on my phone – I will carry a book with me if I have down time to fill (that is what I used to do) 
  • My phone will stay away from me when I’m relaxing and watching TV or reading 
  • I will shut off my notifications chime on my email or mute my computer so I don’t get notified for every email 
  • I will keep a list of things I wish to accomplish – this helps me stay on task
  • I will not over extend myself and over promise, which leave me stressed and over worked 
  • I will stay present in the moment and not think about work 24/7

Although this seems impossible, I truly believe if I can do this I will achieved my “PURE Inspired Life”.  A life were there is time for what matters.  A life with some sort of balance.  I know it will be hard - It is sort of like a diet because you want to cheat and slide back into old habits that you know are not good for you.  But I'm going try and see what happens.

Anyone have more ideas to add? Anyone want to join me? I look forward to your comments and I will keep you updated on my progress.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Final Beach House Photos
{ PURE Beach Dream Home, post #12 }

***Update:  You can now RENT our PURE "Sol" Beach House - click here  for more information.

We spent 4 LONG days setting up the PURE Beach House!  Usually when I do an install I have a team of people, but not this time.  It was very hard work, but so worth it, plus I felt very powerful using a drill :)  Here are some of the final pictures.  Next week I will share what make the PURE Beach House "pure".  If you are interested in any of the furniture or fabrics, visit my online shop at

Have a great weekend!

{ exterior front }

{ entry living area }

{ 1st floor master }

{ 1st floor master }

{ 2nd floor master }

{ 2nd floor master }

{ kitchen - LOVE the open shelving!! }

{ open shelving detail }

{ kitchen from a distance }

{ family room }

{ Screen Porch }

{ front porch leading to boardwalk }

Here is a full slideshow:

***Update:  You can now RENT our PURE "Sol" Beach House - click here  for more information

Monday, April 1, 2013

guest post { On the Beach: Outdoor Spaces }

Today I return from a vacation at the PURE "Sol" Beach House - I miss the beach already! Here is the perfect start to your Monday, a guest post from Mari, a writer for Arcadian Home. Enjoy!!

Hello, all! I'm Mari from Arcadian Home blog, a fantastic place to find lots of interior design inspiration and decorating ideas including fabulous lighting fixtures from contemporary floor lamps to outdoor hanging lanterns. I'm so happy to be visiting with you here at PURE Inspired Design with a guest post about outdoor spaces on the beach. Reading about Samantha's beautiful new beach house evoked visions of lovely porches and decks open to the salty air. Thus, this little visual tour that we're calling "On the Beach: Outdoor Spaces" was born. Today, I've brought along eight images of outdoor spaces with breathtaking ocean views to share with you and inspire your beach house dreams. I hope you enjoy exploring them!
On the Beach
The soaring living space in this ocean-side home opens up directly onto a beautiful deck right on the water. The neutral palette and sleek style of furnishings means that the spaces flow seamlessly from indoors to out.
  On the Beach
From the wide open space above, we turn to a small outdoor space enclosed on three sides by pristine white seating. It's the perfect spot for relaxing or entertaining on an intimate scale.
  On the Beach
This contemporary blue and white covered deck gives new meaning to the phrase "sea view." The glass pendant light is surrounded by a circular metal cage—the only black object visible in the space.

  On the Beach
Samantha says she's seeing a lot of sustainable teak outdoor furniture lately. This wood that ages beautifully is a great earth-friendly option for furnishing beach house outdoor spaces. The dining set above is made by Gloster. The company says the teak it uses is sourced from sustainable plantations.

On the Beach
Samantha also says FSC-certified eucalyptus is another one of the eco-friendly woods for beach home outdoor furniture. The Pottery Barn website writes of this Faraday dining table and chairs, "We’ve updated the design for the rigors of the outdoors with sustainably harvested, naturally durable eucalyptus."

On the Beach
This seating collection called the Melbourne is also made of teak that left untreated will over time take on a silvery aged look. These three furniture sets illustrate a few of the myriad of possibilities for furnishing seaside outdoor rooms with environmentally sound and beautiful furniture.

On the Beach
Yes, I know this isn't technically an outdoor space, but it's certainly up close and personal with the ocean. The minimalist furnishings, contemporary lamps and most of all the view are stunning.

On the Beach
Iconic Panton chairs look lovely in any room and now we know what a great design choice they are to add a Mid-Century style to a dining space fitted perfectly between swimming pool and sea.

Images 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

What do you think of these outdoor spaces? Leave us your thoughts below and be sure to come by for more home decor, lighting and interior inspirations!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Clean Line Work of Art - The Atomik Desk

This clean lined, modern desk by Whyrhymer is simple yet refined.  The workmanship is perfection.  The idea is to strip away the clutter and focus on a calm aesthetic.  Today most of us work on laptops and save everything digitally so we don’t need a big clunky desk with a ton of storage.  This desk has a light airy appearance and would fit perfectly into any style interior.  I know most of us need storage, but ideally your workspace should be free of clutter to reduce the stress caused by visual chaos and lead to more focused and efficient work.  The Whyrhymer Atomik Series No.3 Desk is hand-made in the USA and starts at 1850. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Construction Complete!!
{ PURE Beach Dream Home, post #11 }

Things have been unbelievably busy!  I wish I could have shared more of the beach house process, but as one person doing it all there just is not enough time in the day. I'm stretched thin between my business, the beach house, and family.  BUT I'm happy to say that construction is FINALLY complete on our PURE Beach House!!

We started with just a sign:

Now we have a beautiful beach house:

Our work is not done yet!!  Now we are ordering furnishings and planning our trip to get the house already to enjoy.  My budget is tight - when I say tight I mean tight!  Luckily I have the upholstery pieces already in my inventory.  I'm bartering some workroom labor to get the drapery and pillows made. We are making headboards covered with eco-leather and we are also making a 8' dining table and console table. and Ikea are great resources for style and low price, and if you look hard you can even find eco-friendly products.  In February I will be sharing the process and posting a lot of photos.  I'm happy to say this adventure is almost over - The best news is that starting April 1st we will be offering our home as a vacation rental!