Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Happy Holidays!

I haven't had much time to blog lately.  I've been relying on Facebook and Twitter.  I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday - spend as much time as possible with your family and appreciate all that you have.  I will be taking a break, but I will return Jan 7th ready share more projects and continue sharing the interior design of the PURE Beach House (we close this week!). 

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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

Monday, November 19, 2012

Winged Bed with Modern Sophistication

The modern winged sophistication of this bed by Gus Modern is so inviting.  Although, the Carmichael Bed obviously has a masculine, mid-century modern feel with the textured tweed fabric and clean lines, it also feels very classic and traditional.  I really love a fully upholstered bed; it feels so luxurious and makes a nice statement piece in any bedroom.  This bed could feel ultra-feminine with beautiful, pastel floral bedding or maintain its masculine style with a bold, striped duvet.  The Gus Modern Carmichael Bed uses FSC-Certified wood and starts at $1950.  – Samantha

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Beach on the mind...

We are quickly approaching the completion of our PURE Beach Dream Home so I have the beach on my mind.  Here are some beautiful beach inspired pictures from my Pinterest - Beach Living Board.

Have a beachy day!

Source: ohdeedoh.com via PURE on Pinterest



Friday, November 2, 2012

DIY Island Pendant Recover!
{ PURE Beach Dream Home, post #10 }

This week I covered plain white pendant shades with our Bud Pattern Organic Fabric in Cayenne/Ink/Natural.  It was easier than I thought.  First I cut the fabric to size - about 2 inches bigger than the size of the shade.  I then ironed the fabric and used Stitch Witchery to hems 3 sides of the fabric (top, bottom, and one side). I used a spray adhesive on the back of the fabric and rolled it around the drum shade - smoothing out the wrinkles as I went around the shade.  I lined up the bottom of the shade perfectly with the bottom of the fabric - This made sure the pattern was straight.  At the top I made small slits to fit around the metal rungs, I then used fabric glue and folded the excess fabric over the top of the shade.  I also re-enforced the side seam with the fabric glue.  They turned out so cute!  These pendants will hang in the PURE Beach House above the 11ft kitchen island.  I can't wait to see them up!

{ finished bud pattern shades }

top of the shade showing the fabric folded over }

the fabric is neatly lined up at the bottom of the shade }

the un-hemmed side of the fabric is cover by a neat side hem }

finished bud pattern shade }

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Bamboo and Glass Bottle

I love this bottle by the Bamboo Bottle Company.  It looks great, it is glass in the inside and bamboo on the outside.  I like how it comes apart for easy cleaning and that you can build your own by purchasing different tops.  Drinking out of glass always tastes so much better.  Great idea!

What makes the Bamboo Bottle eco-friendly?
  • Bamboo which is a very sustainable material
  • Glass guarantees safe, clean drinking at all temperatures
  • Plastic is BPA-free
  • Eliminates the use of disposable bottles and cups 

Friday, September 28, 2012

Interior Paint Color Reveal!
{ PURE Beach Dream Home, posts #9 }

**Update on post:  You can see all these colors in action by visiting our Beach House Final Photos!

Shop all the fabrics used in our PURE Beach House at our new LOWER cost shopping Site nest PURE!

 nest PURE

Choosing interior paint colors for an entire house is always difficult, but I finally figured it out! My goal was to create a palette of colors that are tranquil and calming. Pops of color will be sprinkled throughout the house by my vibrant PURE Beach Collection of organic fabrics.  There will also be a lot of natural wood and fresh white painted trim, doors, and cabinetry. Everything is starting to come together!!

Friday, September 7, 2012

Friday FUN Beach Find
{ PURE Beach Dream Home, posts #8 }

Furnishing an entire home is hard...  Finding quality at the right price is difficult and when you add eco-friendly it feels near impossible.  I was so happy to find this bed on Overstock - see it here!  It is made of solid rubberwood, which is eco-friendly because it is the wood of the rubber tree once the tree is finished producing rubber.  I love the style of this bed - it is rustic and modern at the same time.  It is a platform bed so it saves money because we don't need a box spring.  And to top it off the price is only $422 for a queen and it has 81 reviews all with 5 stars!  Love this bed so much I'm ordering 3!

{ solid wood platform bed }

bed detail }

matching nightstand }

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Family Room
{ PURE Beach Dream Home, posts #7 }

Our beach house family room is part of our kitchen and dining room - it is the heart of the home.  It is a huge space with 16' vaulted ceilings.  It is a little different than a traditional home because it is on the second floor with great views of the neighborhood and even a peek at the water.

floor plan }

view - see the water in the upper right!! }

16' vaulted family/kitchen/dining room! }

To stay on budget, I'm re-using some furniture and a rug I have in inventory.  I will be adding new pillows from my PURE Beach Collection, which will brighten up the room and look great with the white, stainless, and gray kitchen.
{ sectional from my inventory - adding fun new pillows! }

{ rug from my inventory }

{ Old ottoman recovered in gray eco-leather }

I'm also adding a few well priced items to complete the space!  This console table is 55"W x 16"D - great size for behind the sectional.
{ Source:  Metal and Wood Console Table - $241 }

I love short wide lamps on console tables.  This one has a fun round base - it is metal so if it tips it should not break!

{ Lamp with round metal base }

The room will have a flat panel TV and I really like the retro feel of this TV console.  It is 70"W so it will balance the big sectional.  It is made of solid rubberwood, which is eco-friendly.  I know it is not made in the USA, but the price and solid construction makes it a good choice.

{ Source:  TV Console - $374 }

Friday, August 24, 2012

Kitchen, Part 2
{ PURE Beach Dream Home, posts #6 }

Time is flying!!  It has been a while since I have written a PURE Beach post.  The main problem is I feel I need to get everything designed at one time because it is a process that is hard to break into chunks.  In other words, everything has to work together and the design keeps changing.  I feel I finally have a handle on the design so I will be posting 1 or 2 times a week with design plans for every room!

This post is a continuation of the Kitchen, Part 1.


Remember this inspiration?  Our kitchen will be similar, but more fun and modern.

{ Source: cambriastyle.com via PURE on Pinterest }

Our open shelves will be like the ones below.  I love the clean, simple modern lines!

{ Source: jennasuedesign.blogspot.com via PURE on Pinterest }

Our range hood will be vented straight through our vaulted ceiling - It will be the focal point of the kitchen.  It is similar to this kitchen, but with higher ceilings.

{ Source: decorpad.com via Paige on Pinterest }

Kitchen layout

The kitchen is along one wall and has a huge 11 foot long island!

Along the wall there will be a range, hood, refrigerator, open shelving, and pantry.  The range is in the exact middle of the room, and the modern range hood will have a chimney all the way up the vault - this will be very dramatic.

{ elevation showing the wall with the range and hood }

{ dollhouse diagram showing vault }

Our island will have trash/recycle, dishwasher, sink, and microwave.  It is 42 inches deep and 11 feet long, seating for 6.  It over looks the family room.

{ island elevation }

Now on to some design decisions!

Range hoods are expensive.  We wanted one with a wider chimney so it would look more substantial, but we also wanted it to be under $500.  I found this one that fit all my criteria.  We will have to purchase extensions for the chimney because the ceiling vault is 16 feet!
Source: Windster Hood - $432 }

Our cabinets will be simple mission style painted white.  I love a white kitchen!  The door hardware will be stainless 7" bar pulls.

{ mission door style }

{ Source:  Bar Pulls - $7.50}

Counter tops are another important design feature.  We considered Corian and wood because of the lower rice points, but we really wanted dark gray quartz.  We discovered that Silestone had the perfect shade of gray and even though it was over our allowance, it was the lowest grade and really worth the splurge!  

{ dark gray Silestone, color marengo }

I wanted a big rectangular stainless sink and stainless faucet - here they are!
{ Source:  Large Undermount Sink - $146 }
{ Source:  Delta Leland  }

I LOVE these stools!  Notice they are the same ones from the first kitchen inspiration picture.  I also love the price - We will have 6 counter stools.

Source:  Metal Counter Stools - 2 of $79!! }

Now some color!

I've been working on my PURE Beach fabric collection - I will reveal it VERY soon!  I plan on recovering these simple fabric pendants with my new Bud fabric.  There will be 4 pendants hanging above our 11' island.
{ island pendant & PURE Beach Bud Pattern }

Other colors will be added to the kitchen - like this fun lime green pan.  Another undecided element is the backsplash - I would love to find a rectangular mosaic tile with lime green, blue, white, and gray.  All these color will be also be used in the family room area - I will blog about this next!

{ fun lime green pan }

Friday, July 13, 2012

Kitchen, part 1
{ PURE Beach Dream Home, posts #5 }

It has been a busy week, but what else is new!  Here is a peak at the start of our Beach Home kitchen design.  Some elements that I have to have:

  • Open shelving, which saves on our cabinet allowance plus I love the look.
  • White cabinets in a clean shaker style
  • Gray counter tops, hoping for quartz if we can fit it in our budget.

I will be adding color with custom pendant shades - in my fabrics of course - I can't wait to share this!!  The floors with be a rustic grade natural maple.  The kitchen is on the second floor with great views, a lot of windows, and a spacious deck - the ceilings are vaulted so it will feel big and airy.  It will be a BEAUTIFUL room!

I've been collecting Kitchen Inspiration for awhile on pinterest Here are a few of my favorites.

{ Source: cambriastyle.com via PURE on Pinterest }

{ Source: google.com via PURE on Pinterest }

The kitchen is along one wall and has a huge 11 foot long island!
{ 2nd floor great room with kitchen }

Up against the wall we will have a range, hood, refrigerator, open shelving, and pantry.  The range is in the exact middle of the room, and the modern range hood will have a chimney all the way up the vault - this will be very dramatic.

{ elevation showing the wall with the range and hood }

{ dollhouse diagram showing vault }

The island will have trash/recycle, dishwasher, sink, and microwave.  It is 42 inches deep and 11 feet long, seating for at least 5.  I love how the kitchen is part of the family room - a great place to hang out and entertain.

{ island elevation }