Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Yummy Organic Soap
{ cinnamon, walnut, peppermint... }

I have not been blogging much this month...  The Summer has been busy with the kids and our puppy plus now it's the rush before school starts again.  But today I ran across these cute soaps by Purnella Soap, and I had to share.  I love the packaging and great varieties.  I can almost smell the cinnamon + walnut and peppermint + poppyseed.  I would love to wake up to these great smells!

What makes Purnella Soap eco-friendly:
  • its vegan, mean no animal products
  • organic cold pressed
  • simple ingredients
  • made by hand
  • made in the USA

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Solar Table { modern, cute, innovative }

I just ran across this innovative solar table designed by Vuk Dragovic.  It is modern, cute, and perfect for a hip outdoor cafe!  No candles needed because this table recharges during the day and provides beautiful outdoor lighting at night. This design has great form and function - plus it makes me smile!!