Thursday, January 23, 2014

What keeps you happy in the dead of winter???

It has been a brutal winter in Minnesota this year, and by brutal I mean COLD and by cold I mean FREEZING!!

I love this photo because it romanticizes winter, but in reality there is nothing romantic about -30 degree wind chills!!
Source: via Swadeshi Club on Pinterest

 To make it through the winter I need several things:
  • Warm tea, coffee, coco...
  • Lots of layers, sweaters, scarfs, thick socks, and throws
  • COLOR!!  Bright happy color!
In the winter everything is gray and color always make me happy.  I look at my fabrics stacked around my office an I smile - they are so happy and bright!!  They brighten up my life during the dreadful, dead of winter.

So how do you get through the winter?!

 PURE Inspired Home Organic Pillows

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Goals { Blogging, Giveaways, and More }

Happy New Year!

I have a lot of goals for this year both personal and professional.  I say "goals" not "resolutions".  Goals seem more permanent and attainable.  Some of my personal goals include giving up gluten and limiting my coffee intake to 1/2 cup a day (can't give coffee up 100%, I tried and failed many times).  I'm off to a great start and feel REALLY GOOD - And I'm not just saying that, I mean it.

Our family is moving to a new home at the end of February.  For those who don't know, I work out of my home office so personal crosses into professional.  Our new home is smaller so there will be challenges, which I share with you along the way.  One of my professional goals is to share more through my blog.  Here is a the mood board for our Family Room.  Everything will be bright, fresh, modern, and uncluttered (I hope)!

A few months back I learned to sew.  I NEVER thought I would enjoy it because it seems so domesticated. I never feel like a great homemaker and I'm not very good at cooking (just ask my family) so who would of thought that I would LOVE sewing.  It is almost like meditation for me - it quiets my mind and I love the results. It gives me the freedom to experiment and make my own products.  Here are the first professional pillows I made and sold!

My new sewing abilities have allowed me to see potential in all my fabric scraps and discontinued fabrics that I have in storage.  I plan to have monthly GIVEAWAYS of "one of a kind" organic pillows covers - Keep your eyes open because this will start soon.

So these are few of my professional goals:  1.) Share more through my blog  2.) Monthly pillow cover giveaways

I have other goals and news,which I will be sharing soon.  I will also be sharing more about my partnership with Mod Mom Furniture and all the new products we will be creating under the name PUREMOD.

It will be an exciting year full of change and progress!!!