Monday, February 28, 2011

NEW Modern Slope Accent Chair!

I've been spending so much time creating patterns and color schemes, that I've missed designing furniture styles! Here is my new Modern Slope accent chair. What do you think?!

{ Modern Slope with my Big Flower Pattern! }

{ What colors & patterns can you imagine? }

Thursday, February 24, 2011

{ Lets PLAY! } - Friday Fun FIND

Such FUN furniture! The designer, Lisa Albin, was inspired by her children and launched iglooplay in 2005. I LOVE well made, safe furniture for children - it can be handed down for generations and always look so great!

What makes iglooplay kid furniture eco-friendly?
  • wood obtained from sustained yield forestry practice
  • built to last
  • each product is tested at an independent safety lab
  • made in the USA

{ solid, clean, natural } furniture by Team 7

I just found a new line of furniture to love!! It is by Team 7. Solid construction, clean lines, natural wood, and eco-friendly - what's not to LOVE!

What makes Team 7 furniture eco-friendly?
  • natural hardwoods from sustainably managed forests
  • solid wood joinery, hand-fitted, and constructed
  • no particle board or MDF
  • 100% chemical free, no paints, stains or varnishes
  • formaldehyde-free glues
  • all-natural herbal oil-wax finishes
  • Oh there is even more - read their Green Guide

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Brain{dead} Wednesday

Usually Wednesday is reserved for my creative Brainstorming, but today is different. Let me explain, yesterday I didn't drink any COFFEE! Does that explain the problem? Anyone with a coffee addiction understands the problem - tired, crabby, lack of concentration, not to mention the splitting headache... No, I wasn't doing some cruel experiment on myself - it was cold & snowy so I didn't want to go to the store. I didn't really think it would be a problem and thought I will just drink herbal tea all day. Well, I will NEVER go cold turkey off the java again!!!

This morning as I sip my glorious cup of coffee, I did a little research on micro coffee roasters who specialize in organic, free trade coffee. I was surprised to find so many and that the prices are very reasonable. Here are few I found, I NEED to get back to my cup - OH how I LOVE Coffee!!!

Vermont Coffee Company in Middlebury, VT
{ twitter @VermontCoffeeCo }

Higher Ground in Leeds, AL
{ twitter @highergroundrst }

Wandering Goat Coffee Company in Eugene, OR
{ twitter @DieByTheHorn }

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

{ handcrafted, reclaimed, beautiful } jewelry by Bario-Neal

I really love the handcrafted, quality of Bario-Neal jewelry! It is sooo beautiful....

What makes Bario-Neal jewelry eco-friendly?

  • 100% reclaimed precious metals
  • ethically-sourced & reclaimed stones
  • low-impact, environmentally conscious practices
  • handcrafted in the USA - Philadelpia!

Monday, February 21, 2011

{ lush, vertical, GREEN } Inspiration Monday

By this time in the Winter I'm dying for the color GREEN!! Remember I'm in Minnesota, so I will not see green grass until April or so... Today, I came across Vertical Garden Design, which truly made me happy. I really LOVE the idea of vertical gardens, what an inspiration - so lush, natural, and totally GREEN... I can even smell it :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

Pop the cork & relax, Friday Fun Find!

This interesting Cortiça lounge was created by DMFD Studio and is made entirely from cork. The shape is so sculptural and organic - it is also weather proof and floats because it is cork. I think it looks like a perfect place to lounge and relax!

What makes the Cortiça by DMFD Studio eco-friendly?
  • made of wasted cork from the bottle stopper industry
  • made in the USA

Thursday, February 17, 2011

{ eco-modern office} by Knú

While looking for modern eco-friendly office furniture, I found Knú. I LOVE the modern, clean shapes and simple designs. Plus they are a company with a true sustainability ethic.

What makes Knú furniture eco-friendly?
  • energy efficient facility
  • FSC veneers and solid Baltic birch
  • 90% of raw materials come from suppliers within 50 miles radius
  • water base zero VOC adhesives
  • low VOC long lasting finishes
  • NO paper catalogs
  • manufactured with 40% recycled content which is 100% recyclable
  • high quality, built to last
  • made in the USA

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

{ fun, fresh, retro } PURE Spring 2011 colors revealed!

Everything is a process, but I'm 90% sure this will be my new color scheme for my PURE Spring 2011 Fabric Collection! I may still do some tweeks, but I really LOVE it! The colors are fun & fresh and a bit retro!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{ stop & stare } furnture by Acronym

The quality & unique designs of Acronym caught my eye as I searched for eco-friendly, high quality design. Their use of natural materials and finishes in unexpected forms caused me to stop & stare. I love when I find a new source of great design, but what I LOVE even more is realizing that it's earth friendly because then I can happily share it!

What makes Acronym furniture eco-friendly?
  • wood is pre-consumer, post-industrial reclaimed
  • stainless steel & aluminum bases are 100% recycled & recyclable
  • stain is naturally derived oils
  • high quality long lasting, made to order
  • made in the USA

Monday, February 14, 2011

Inspiration Monday { Spring fashion!! }

Today I've been struggling to find some great inspiration for my Spring fabric colors... Then all of a sudden, I remembered watching "What Not to Wear", and a visit to a Trina Turk boutique. I know she has a great eye for color & pattern, so I decided to check out Trina's new Spring arrivals. I was immediately drawn to the "Kerry" dress! The colors are alive & bright without being overly done. Perfect colors for Spring, plus my dark graphite, light blue/gray, and white, which I'm already committed to, are included in the pattern - YEAH! What do you think? Does fashion overlap into interior colors trends! I say YES!! Now if I could only get that dress...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Ohh BABY, it is a Friday FUN Find!

These rooms by ducduc are just the cutest baby rooms I've ever seen! They are so modern, fresh, and FUN! I know in reality they would be covered in toys, but soooo CUTE!

What makes ducduc's CUTE stuff eco-friendly?
  • use sustainably harvested hardwoods
  • use water based, non-toxic finishes
  • employ lean manufacturing systems that reduce waste & energy
  • do not use MDF or particle board
  • renovated & restored an 1897 factory - a reclaimed brownfield site
  • support the communities through charity and volunteered time
  • made in the USA

Thursday, February 10, 2011

{ artsy, unique, interesting } designs at 360SEE Gallery

When searching for great eco design, I never know what I will find... Today I discovered 360SEE, and I was truly impressed & surprise. According to the owner Jordan Witkov "360SEE exhibits fine art, functional art, furniture, and design objects driven by a sustainable minded media choice philosophy". I LOVE the gallery's concept, originality, and artistry!

What makes 360SEE Gallery eco-friendly?
  • showcases environmentally sustainable designs (see examples below)
  • made in the USA

{ Bolt Cabinet by Jamison Sellers }
{ Reclaimed pallet wood, responsibly sourced walnut }

{ Tired Lounge by Leo Kempf }
{ FSC Birch, recycled tires }

{ Bow Tie Lamp by Steve Bewley }
{ Reclaimed loft beam, found metal, guitar string & penny pulls }

{ Eleanor by Jesse Hooker }
{ Salvaged yellow pine & rear seat from a 1969 Ford Mustang }