Tuesday, February 8, 2011

{ reclaimed, redefined, refined } by The Old Wood Co.

The furniture by The Old Wood Co. speaks for itself. They reclaim top quality wood and create top quality furniture. I have admired their furniture for a long time, along with their many eco-friendly initiatives - they truly excel in both areas!

What makes The Old Wood Co. eco-friendly?
  • quality materials and construction - built to last
  • Use of old reclaimed lumber taken from structures deemed irreparable
  • Water and soy based finishes
  • Environmentally friendly and health conscious oils and waxes
  • Use of recycled steel
  • Steel powder coat finishing method (no VOCs)
  • Recycled and Recyclable packaging materials
  • Company wide recycling and energy efficiency efforts
  • Use of recycled paper on company literature
  • Paperless accounting and bookkeeping system
  • Use of bio-diesel in company vehicle
  • Use of LED lighting in 95% of shop FSC certified woods
  • made in the USA

{ modern base with old wood top }

{ LOVE the surfboard shape! }

{ Sculptural stools }

{ modern dining, LOVE the thin legs! }

{ great square coffee table }

{ bench as ART! }

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