Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bowling Alleys { reclaimed, restored, reborn } by CounterEvolution

I write about reclaimed wood a lot - it is part of being eco-friendly, which is definitely a passion of mine. A few years ago, I seen a dining room table made from an old bowling alley floor. This idea has always stuck with me, and I even wrote about it in a past post "Re-imagine Wood". Through the beauty of Twitter, I found another great company that creates furniture from reclaimed bowling alley wood - CounterEvolution. I love this line from their website:

"To design and build quality furniture that exude an elevated sense of artistry, craftsmanship and functionality; the fact that they're good for the environment shouldn't be everything, just an added bonus." CounterEvolution

What makes CounterEvolution eco-friendly?
  • uses reclaimed rare heartpine found in old bowling alleys
  • high quality to last a lifetime
  • made in the USA

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