Thursday, December 16, 2010

Eco-Friendly, PEACH PIT Flooring???

When I saw this picture, I had to tell you about peach pip (or pit) flooring. It was first used by settlers in South Africa - the peach pits where set in various materials like ox blood & cow dung, clay & aloe sap, and wax. Today Stone Fruit Floors uses glues, resin, and urethane. It is all installed by hand and has a low carbon footprint (at least in South Africa). All the sharp edges are filed off for barefoot comfort, and colors can be added to the resin to customize the application. Peach pit flooring can also be install on walls, stairs, exteriors, and even showers. I can't find a USA supplier... But I will keep on the lookout, because this is one of the most interesting flooring materials I have ever seen!


  1. Very creative use of materials, and attractive too! (And not nearly so creepy as the company in Spain that uses ground almond husks to make caskets, heh)

  2. fictional in the Star Trek universe). But no, magnesite is simply magnesium carbonate, a compound relatively common on earth, and used in steel and synthetic rubber production a binder in flooring material. Epoxy flooring and painting