Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Eco-Friendly, BEAUTIFUL Scarfs...

These scarfs and wraps by Green Sewn make great eco-friendly Holiday gifts! They are created with old vintage Saris, which are Indian dresses typically made from silk. The Saris are sorted by color, hand washed with soap nuts (a natural soap berry), cut into strips, sewn together, rewashed, twisted, and sun dried. In the end, it is a beautifully textured scarf or wrap! The colors are rich and lovely - the patterns are intricate and original. A wonderful Christmas gift - act fast because they appear to be selling out!! Oh and if you enter code GS-25 at checkout you will receive 25% off!

What makes makes these scarfs eco-friendly?
  • Create from recycled old vintage Saris
  • Hand made
  • Non-toxic
  • Support "Trees for the Future" Organization

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