Thursday, January 23, 2014

What keeps you happy in the dead of winter???

It has been a brutal winter in Minnesota this year, and by brutal I mean COLD and by cold I mean FREEZING!!

I love this photo because it romanticizes winter, but in reality there is nothing romantic about -30 degree wind chills!!
Source: via Swadeshi Club on Pinterest

 To make it through the winter I need several things:
  • Warm tea, coffee, coco...
  • Lots of layers, sweaters, scarfs, thick socks, and throws
  • COLOR!!  Bright happy color!
In the winter everything is gray and color always make me happy.  I look at my fabrics stacked around my office an I smile - they are so happy and bright!!  They brighten up my life during the dreadful, dead of winter.

So how do you get through the winter?!

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