Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{sustainable, honest, well-made} Furniture by white design

I'm not sure how I first came across white design... But I just recently started using my Twitter account and I noticed that I'm following Scott, the creator of White Design. Today I checked out his website - I'm so impressed with his furniture, it is very well made, honest, unique, and of course eco-friendly. There is something about the integrity of Scott's furniture that leaves me feeling grateful - not really sure how that happened, but thank you Scott!

What makes Scott White's furniture eco-friendly?
  • hand crafted with great respect and care for the piece and the environment
  • made with sustainable woods, reclaimed wood, recycled aluminum, and another eco-friendly materials
  • made in the USA


  1. I REALLY like these tables. We are only in the "talk" phase of redoing our family room. When it progresses beyond "talk" I will have to keep Scott in mind (you might have to remind me!). Thanks for sharing.

  2. Thanks Lori - I'm creating a page with all the great eco products I've discovered!! And remember I do eco upholstery, organic fabrics, and rugs - I'd love to help you "redo" your family room :)