Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Brainstorm Wednesday {Playful, Fresh, Fun}

It is Winter and I live in Minnesota... Playing with fun patterns and colors is my therapy for dealing with the Winter doldrums. Today, I created a new pattern, then manipulated it into different variations. The pattern has great movement without being busy - I have no idea with to call it - any ideas?? I'm really loving the bold green, dark gray, and cream combination. Working on fresh, playful patterns & eye popping colors helps me deal with the gloomy Winter weather! How do you keep the Winter blues away?


  1. Hi Samantha,

    I love the artistry in your designs... very much much in tune with the colors, textures and rhythms of the earth. My suggestion for the above set of patterns is: "Spring Scheme Rugs," 1) morning 2) noon 3) mid-afternoon 4) dusk.

    You may be interested in connecting with clients of ours, "Casa Luna Furniture & Accessories," ( specializing in eco-friendly furniture and designs from Mexico and Latin America. Their selections have a warmth reflective of their origins. Diane and Alex are very warm, friendly folks as well who would likely be interested in your designs.


    James Taylor
    Mountain Mamma Web Design
    Ottawa, Canada

  2. Thank you so much James! I will checkout Casa Luna!

  3. Terrific Samantha.

    I've been enjoying my subscription to your blog!