Friday, January 7, 2011

YES Linoleum is Eco-Friendly!

I want to clear up some confusion... Linoleum is NOT the same as vinyl - many people confuse the two. Vinyl flooring is NOT eco-friendly, where as Linoleum is very eco-friendly. Linoleum is made from renewable materials, such as, solidified linseed oil, pine rosin, ground cork dust, wood flour, and mineral fillers such as calcium carbonate. Linoleum got a bad wrap because much of the cheaper linoleum installed in the past was thin and prone to wear and tear. Today Marmoleum offers high quality linoleum in a beautiful array of colors. It is hard and durable but very comfortable and warm on your feet. So forget about what you think - Linoleum is a wonderful, versatile, eco-friendly flooring option!

What makes Marmoleum eco-friendly?

  • composed of renewable materials: linseed oil, pine tree rosin, wood flour, jute and ecologically responsible pigments
  • anti-bacterial surface
  • contains NO allergens, toxins, formaldehyde, or asbestos
  • backed with jute
  • 100% biodegradable

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