Thursday, January 6, 2011

EXCEPTIONALLY Crafted, Custom Furnishings (and YES it's Eco-Friendly!)

Okay, by now everyone knows that I LOVE researching and sharing wonderful eco-friendly designs!! This has become an addiction of mine only second to creating my own custom eco furniture and patterns. I'm always anxious to share what I discover, and this furniture by whyrHymer is no exception. It is soooo well made it screams quality! The styles are unique and so well executed. I can truly see the love and care put into each piece.

What makes whyrHymer furniture eco-friendly?
  • hand crafted one beautiful piece at a time
  • made with FSC certified woods, recycled aluminum, recycled glass, and other natural sustainable materials
  • finished with plant based oil and varnish, water based polyurethane, and natural wax
  • made in the USA
  • 3% of the sale goes to charity

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