Monday, January 24, 2011

Letterpress Printing by Smock { quality, sustainable, gorgeous}

Smock is a letterpress printing company, which not only produces gorgeous paper products, but they are the first print shop in the USA to offer printing on luxury bamboo paper. I really love the precious designs and color palettes created by Amy Graham Stigler. They create cards, invitations, bags, boxes, notepads, sticky note... Plus they do custom!

What makes Smock paper products eco-friendly?
  • papers include luxury bamboo & 100% posts-consumer recycled paper
  • inks are vegetable-oil based and low VOC
  • solvents are citrus-based
  • all the waste is recycled
  • packaging is recycled, reused, biodegradable, and petroleum free
  • entirely wind-powered
  • works with the Conservation Fund's Go Zero program...

{ NO wrapping pater needed! }

{ we all need sticky notes }

{ beautiful cards }

{ unique double sided wrapping paper }

{ lovely note books }

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