Monday, January 24, 2011

Inside look into my design process...

Today I thought I would describe my design process... Every design is different, but here is a simplified example of the steps I take when creating a custom piece of upholstery, including custom fabric patterns.

  • I sketch the furniture & determine the exact dimensions & style. I work off a photo, client sketch, verbal description, or my imagination.

{ Drawing of my 84" sofa with rounded arms & t-cushion }

  • Custom fabric patterns are drawn, colored, & rendered to create a perfect pattern match.

{ My "Petal Drop" pattern }

{ My "Twin Flower" pattern }

  • Once all drawings are approved, the order is sent to the fabricator.
  • I keep a close watch on the order & update the client along the way.
  • In about 8 weeks the order is complete!

{ The completed custom sofa and pillows! }

This is a simplified design process - I lot of things happen in-between these steps - for more details contact me and also visit my Furniture page.

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