Monday, January 17, 2011

{custom, quality, FABULOUS} describes the furniture & cabinetry by Cliff Spencer

I really enjoyed exploring the furniture & cabinetry of Cliff Spencer. The style is simple, clean lines in combination with excellent craftsmanship and integrity. The wood is not hidden - the grain and character are maintained giving the modern designs a warm lived in appearance. My favorite is the walnut slab table with the steel base - the size, raw edge, finish... I just LOVE it!!!

What makes Cliff Spencer's furniture eco-friendly?
  • sources include reclaimed and sustainable wood
  • high quality - built to last for generations
  • finishes include natural oils, low-VOC, and water-based
  • made in the USA

{love the patchwork look}

{beautiful contrast - subway tile going vertical looks great!}

{great for storage: toys, shoes, books...}

{modern with lots of storage underneath}

{cool modern kitchen without being cold}

{love, love love this table}

{I want this table....}

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