Monday, November 8, 2010

Guerrilla Gardening??

I watched the live web conference "TEDx Great Pacific Garbage Patch" over the weekend - I know it may sound boring, but there were a lot of great inspirational speakers. The main topic was eliminating one use plastic, which I'm sooo on board with. Slightly off topic, one speaker briefly mentioned "Guerrilla Gardening". This is something I have never heard of, but when she showed a few photos, it immediately got my attention so I wanted to do some research.

I found this definition this morning "Guerrilla gardening is 'political gardening' primarily practiced by activists and environmentalists who address issues related to land rights and permaculture. Activists squat land for cultivating plants and crops for the enjoyment of the community. Some Guerrilla gardening activities take place under the cover of darkness and some openly in front of the community as a way of highlighting the 'Guerrilla gardening movement' but also encouraging them to engage in the activity with the hope of harvesting a sense of 'pride' in your community and environment."

What a wonderful and peaceful way to help the world. Here are some great photos!

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