Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Beautiful, Eco-Friendly Bamboo

There is a lot of talk about bamboo... But why is it GREEN? Here are some reasons:
  • Grows Fast - up to 3-4 feet per day
  • Does not need fertilizers, pesticides, or a lot of water
  • Releases 35% more oxygen than an average tree
  • Improves soil conditions and erosion
  • Matures within 7 years and can yield 20 time more timber than an average tree
We have all seen beautiful bamboo floors and window shades, I was look for other interesting uses for bamboo.

This is a beautiful vessel sink that really caught my eye. It is made by Totally Bamboo - they sell all kinds of wonderful things made of bamboo, but I love this Vessel sink!

Pendant light are very popular so I was excited to find this one made by Schmitt Design. It is constructed with thin strips of bamboo veneer and lined with shoji paper. The shape is different and a warm light is casted. I think they are just lovely!

I'm always on the search for eco-friendly furniture and this unique bamboo chair is so sleek and cool. It is called the Spring Chair and it is made by Modern Bamboo. The strength and flexibility of the bamboo creates a gentle rocking action - I bet it works great to rock a baby to sleep :)

Most eco-friendly counter tops are very expensive, but bamboo offers an economical option. Teragren has created a beautiful line of bamboo counter tops. They are available in natural and caramelize both unfinished or prefinished with mineral oil/beeswax. They are warm and interesting - fabrication and installation is much easier than a stone or concrete. I like the parquet butcher block best!

One of my favorite eco product is Varia Eco Resin by 3-Form. Their Organics Collection takes natural material and places it into an eco-friendly resin to form thin sheets. These sheets can be used in cabinet doors, furniture, walls... Their bamboo Varia shows the stock sliced into rings - it creates a fun modern circular pattern. When it placed in a cabinet door and backlit it is stunning and artistic!

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