Monday, November 1, 2010

Eco-Friendly, STYLISH Storage

As I run around this morning picking up my house after the Halloween mayhem of last night, I think about storage and how everything in my home has a place. This makes picking up easier and much less frustrating. I can run around quickly plopping things back into their places then tackle the dirt and dust left behind. So storage is the topic this morning, and of course eco-friendly, stylish storage!

Amenity Home is one of my favorite companies. They are so fashion forward and environmentally friendly. I really love their textile designs. Recently they introduced a storage bench, which I think is genius. It is so simple, but at the same time beautiful. I find myself wondering how many soccer shoes I can fit in there?

Of course toys always need a place - we would not have much clutter if it wasn't for our wonderful kids. This toy chest from Spunky Sprout is rather elegant and could even be used in a family room because it does not scream toy box. Love the wallpaper and monkeys in the photo!

I could not pass up these cute customizable recycled toy drums by Pom Pom. Aren't they so cute and and fun? These toy containers are so different, they really thought outside of the box - who needs a toy box when you can have a toy drum!

I love the cutout designs on the storage consoles from Muu Kids. The designs are modern, sleek, and organic. I don't think they have to stay in the nursery - I could see this one in a master bath or even a small dining area!