Monday, November 1, 2010

Eco-Friendly Wallpaper (more like ART)!

As an interior designer I've seen my share of bad 80s wallpaper! Once a client takes the time and expense to remove all the ugly wallpaper and repair their walls, they never want to see wallpaper again. I don't really blame them, but as I look at the wallpaper available today, I really love it! My goal is to start using beautiful, eco-friendly wallpaper, either for myself or my clients (I really can't wait). When looking for wallpaper stay away from vinyl because it is not eco-friendly. Things to look for include: real paper, eco-friendly dyes, and small print runs.

Below are some patterns that really stuck a cord with me, but there are 1000s of choices in the market today. Maybe I will add custom wallpaper to my collection (that's a thought?)... But today lets make a goal to add some beautiful wallpaper ART to our plan, solid walls!

Olli and Lime Billie Wallpaper

Delight by Mod Green Pod

Bougainvilla at Night by Madison and Grow

Aspen by Graham Brown


  1. Eco-friendly furniture meets the cubicle culture
    Buying eco-friendly desks, chairs, cabinets, space dividers, and other furniture is getting easier. With government agencies, universities, and corporations specifying greener products, furniture makers have been fairly quick to put environmental options on the table. Both large and smaller companies offer furniture made from sustainably harvested woods and recycled, bio-based, or nontoxic materials, and made with glues, paints, foams, and other ingredients that don't give off noxious odors.

  2. If you really want your house to be eco-friendly, don't use wallpapers! Go for eco-friendly paints and dyes. Remember that papers are harvested from trees. And if you want to have wood for your flooring, Tampa, Florida has a flooring company that specializes in eco-friendly flooring such as Bamboo (a rapid growing GRASS), cork(completely recycled), and the ever sturdy hardwood. Tampa, Florida is very concerned about the enviroment, that's why many companies and services, such as this flooring company, tend to contribute to saving mother nature in every possible way!