Friday, October 29, 2010

Quick look into my design process...

I've spent much of the day working on a new design - I'm calling it "Spiral". I wanted to share a little bit about my design process with my readers. For this particular design, I was just doodling on a scrap of paper... Sometimes I start with a photo or draw directly in my drawing program, but this time it was a doodle. I though the shapes had potential so I took a photo and imported it into my software. Not so pretty right?!

After some manipulation to create an organized pattern and repeat, I came up with the final pattern which will be printed on organic fabric.

I experimented with the color and drop the pattern on a drawing of a piece of furniture to determine scale. Like the fuschia?

I had more fun by manipulating the pattern to create a new "Spiral" rug design. I really like the organic shape of the spirals once they were stretch out.

I love creating patterns. The possibilities are infinite - patterns, colors, scale, style.... Anything you can imagine!


  1. Nice designs in rugs! I have seen the same in my uncle's home, it was looking really nice.

  2. Thank you! Inspirations comes from the simplest things.