Wednesday, October 13, 2010

New Eco-Friendly Furniture Arm Styles!

When looking at my standard furniture collection, I realized that I may need to appeal to the more traditional customer. I started exploring arm styles and added 2 new shapes that are more along the traditional lines - English and Sloped. The English arm is definitely more traditional - it is very refined and elegant. The Sloped arm is graceful and somewhat playful. In addition to the new arm styles, I introduced the Skirted versions of all my arms. I do like exposed wood legs, but I remembered loving a skirted sofa when my babies were little - I stashed toys, diaper bags, board games... under a lovely skirted sofa! Although these new styles are more traditional, they are still clean lined and reflect my PURE style.

We do a lot of CUSTOM work, so if you have a style in mind just let me know and we talk :)

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