Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Eco-Friendly Dish Racks (really?), Part I

A few years ago I got tired of filling and emptying the dishwasher... I told my kids that I hate that our sink is always filled with dirt dishes because no one wants to empty the dishwasher. So we retired our dishwasher and now wash everything by hand. At first my kids hated it, but now we all automatically wash our dishes once we are done eating. We have virtually no dirty dishes in our house! If we ever get a high efficient dishwasher, I may change my ways, but for now this works great for us. I'm also proud to say that my three kids are skilled dish washers, which is an important life skill!!

We still have one problem though, many times (or all the time during soccer season) clean dishes are left drying on the counter because we don't have time to hand dry and put them away. Below are some eco-friendly although unique (sort of weird or funny) concepts for air drying dishes. Not really what I was looking to share, but I just couldn't pass them up because they made me laugh. I will look for eco-friendly, stylish dish racks in Part II!

Dish Drainer from Ran Shapner

Trio Dish Drier by Jordan Bailey

Erdem Selek Dish Drainer Project

Grey Water Dish Drying Rack


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