Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Eco-Friendly Fire!

In Minnesota today, it is super windy and rainy! This is just the beginning of the cold unbearable weather... Winter is long and hard here - I think this is one reason I'm so resilient and optimistic - why else would I live here! Today I was dreaming of the warmth of my fireplace, as I crossed a parking lot getting wind blown, frozen, and soaked...

This lead me to research eco-friendly fireplace options, and I came across EcoSmart Fire. Their fireplaces are beautiful and fuelled by bio ethanol. Bio ethanol is a renewable fuel that burns clean with no smoke or harmful emissions. The combustion of bio ethanol creates heat steam and carbon dioxide. So you get the warmth and ambiance without the negative environmental effects of a traditional fireplace. Plus the EcoSmart fireplaces are vent free, so they can be easily installed anywhere.

EcoSmart fireplaces are not only eco-friendly, but they are beautiful. They have every style from modern to traditional - I may just have to put one in my cold basement this year!! Below are a few of my favorites, which ones do you like?

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