Thursday, September 9, 2010

Add DIMENSION and ART to your walls

Think outside the box when looking for wall art. Here are a few unique examples that really got me thinking about our walls and how they act as a backdrop to our environment. Why not be different and bold! Be sure to comment and add your own unique ideas for striking wall art!

I love these paintable wall flats from inhabit living. They are made with 100% molded bamboo paper pulp with no chemicals or additives. You can cover an entire wall or group them as art. Great texture and no other art is needed because the wall is the art!

What a beautiful statement this 3D flower makes. It is made entirely of fabric and created by a textile designer Lorna Syson. It is 47" in diameter - WOW it would look great over a bed or sofa or anywhere you need to add color and wonderful focal point. I can't stop looking at it!

Words are always a meaningful way to add art to your home. This colorful word art is from Viva Terra - the letters are created with misprinted soda, juice, and soup can metal - so mistakes can be made into something fun!

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