Friday, September 17, 2010

More than just lighting...

I've always loved lamps and light fixtures not just for lighting but also because they add style, sculpture, and texture to a room. Here are a few lighting products that are beautiful, unique, and earth friendly!

This driftwood lamp from Shades of Light looks so natural and full of texture. I also love the rectangular shade - it would be perfect on a sofa table or buffet, especially if it was in a beach house!

This pendant light is made from eco-resin and designed by Brave Space Design out of Brooklyn, NY. This pendant is definitely a work of art - each piece is hand made and they do custom work as well.

Light Block

At Inhabit Living you can build your own lamp. They are eco-friendly with no VOC finishes, pieces are made from 100% recovered wood fibers, and no-added formaldehyde. They are so cute and you can customize the colors!

I've loved this lamp for a few years - it is from Brastilo. The base is made from an eco-friendly eucalyptus tree log and the shade is hand-woven from plant fiber. The shape makes such a statement and every lamp is different because of the natural wood.

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