Monday, September 13, 2010

Sea Glass Concept Board

I've decided to start creating concept boards using the color schemes, which I have created for my eco-friendly furnishings line. It is fun to create these boards and prove that my concept works. I will be creating these board on a regular basis. Below each concept board I will display the sources for each item. In the future, other products from other great lines will be included, virtually creating an entire room design plan! If anyone wants me to create a concept board using their existing pieces mixed with my products just let me know - I would love to help design your space this way! Enjoy and send any questions my way!

Everything on this board is in the Sea Glass Scheme

1. The Pattern Draperies in the Big Flower - the fabric background is natural and really looks fresh against the light blue wall.

2. The paint color is Benjamin Moore's Wythe Blue HC-143.

3. I prefer the biggest piece of upholstered furniture to be solid fabric. The Solid Sofa is in our Soft Green velour solid upgraded fabric. The 18 x 18 Solid Pillow is in our Soft Blue matte textured solid fabric and the 18 x 14 Pattern Pillow is in our Wheat.

4. The Pattern Chair is in our fun Dahlia pattern and the 18 x 14 Solid Pillow is in Walnut velour solid fabric.

5. The Rug is our Bud Strand pattern in the Walnut background and Soft Green pattern. Area rug tip: Make sure the front legs of your furniture can sit on the rug!

6. The eco-Leather ottoman is rectangular and in our Walnut Eco-Leather.

I love the combination of all these colors and patterns. Let me know if you have any comments or questions - I would love to hear from you!

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