Monday, November 17, 2014

Why the Big Change?!

I've made a BIG change over the last few weeks. I feel so at peace and happy about the change and I want to share not only the change, but the reason behind the change.

Over the years I have struggled between doing what I love and trying to make money doing what I love. My products were priced high - a pillow cover started at $89!  I would joke that I can't even afford my own products - this made me stressed and uncomfortable. Why were my prices high? Well, creating products on demand is expensive plus offering trade discounts increase our prices even more...  Are our pillow covers really worth $89? Yes, I believe they are worth every penny. They are top quality, original, organic, made in the USA.... BUT could my reach go farther by lower my prices and changing my business model? YES! YES! YES!

We are now nest PURE! It is not just a name change, it is whole new concept. All my products are still organic + eco-friendly and made in the USA, but they are also all under $50!

Here is the criteria for our products:

  • Organic + Eco-Friendly
  • Made in the USA
  • Under $50
  • Quality Handmade Construction
  • Ships within 5 days
  • All fabrics are design by me and will not be found anywhere else!
  • New products added weekly

How did I lower the prices?

  • I'm only selling what I currently have available
  • NO trade discounts or coupons because the prices are already low
  • Limited quantities – Many items are one of a kind
  • Most of the fabrication is done in house (I do love to sew)

Currently nest PURE sells Organic Pillow Covers, Organic Totes + Pouches, and Organic Crocheted Scarfs. Our quantities are very limited so if you see something you love don't hesitate! 

Coming soon - Modern Veneer Prints!

 Organic Pillow Covers
Pillow Covers starting at $45

Organic Totes starting at $38

Organic Pouches starting at $18

Scarfs starting at $36

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