Friday, November 21, 2014

Guess what I learned this week?

What I learned this week...
  1. Taking pictures of myself using my camera's timer was unexpectedly funny. Running back and forth through an obstacle of furniture was quite tiring... This is what a solo entrepreneur does!
  2. When my wood veneer arrived I was literally jumping for joy - LOVE the idea of creating my own unique prints!
  3. I NEED marketing help! I love to create but I'm at a loss when it comes to getting the word out about myself and my products.  Who is reading this blog - just a handful of people :) Plus only a 8 entries so far for my Giveaway!
  4. Green focused bloggers like Groovy Green Living and Mindful Momma are there to help me reach my audience! See our Dahlia Organic Tote in Mindful Momma's Gift Guide! 
  5. I need a break from work!! So happy it is Friday!! Although a business owner never truly takes a break - can't shut off the brain, plus I LOVE what a do :)

Have a happy weekend everyone!!

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