Wednesday, June 15, 2011

I took the "Caroma Flow Challenge"

I was invited to "Take the Caroma Flow Challenge" - Caroma just introduced their first low-flow shower head.  When I hear "low-flow", I think NO flow...  But I couldn't be more wrong!  I've been meaning to update my shower head for awhile - I still had the builder grade low-efficiency 2.5 gallons per minute shower head.  I know that is disappointing because I'm suppose to be so "eco-friendly", but things get in the way and prevent me from doing everything I should be doing :) 

My new Caroma shower head arrived quickly!  I really love the sleek design and the chrome fit in with my current fixtures perfectly.  My husband installed the new shower head it in about 2 minutes - super easy retrofit.  I testing the shower head and was VERY surprised!  It actually feels like more water than my old water wasting shower head, and a lot more luxurious.  I still can't believe it uses only 1.5 gallons per minute!  There are 2 spray settings - wide coverage and concentrated heavier flow.  I love the wide coverage!  I had to turn up the heat a little because the droplets are a little misty and the water felt cooler.  The bathroom really steams up with the wide coverage spray - I felt like I was at spa hotel in a steam shower!  I had no problem rinsing my hair, which is long and thick.  For extra pressure you can switch easily to the concentrated flow, but be sure to turn down the heat first because it will feel a little hotter.

Loved this challenge & I LOVE Caroma's new Flow Shower head!!  Now I need to buy 2 more for my other showers :)

So what makes Caroma's Flow shower head eco-friendly? {that's easy}
  • it only uses l.5 gallons per minute (nominal flow rate at 80psi)


  1. I find that I can use 3 settings pulling the cover only half way down, getting a mid flow which I like. It's certainly a good showerhead and it feels good to be helping the environment.

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