Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Nature Inspired Design { guest post }

Today we have a guest blogger - Ryan from HomeCity!  Ryan came up with the Nature Inspired Design idea and also wrote the text of the article.  I helped by finding great inspirational photos from pinterest to support the it.  Great team work - Thank you Ryan!

Using wood and stone to decorate the interior of your home is no new concept by any means; however, modern designs that are inspired by nature are giving a fresh twist to trusty natural materials. Glass and sleek medal design may have had its place for a while in the interior design cannon, but natural materials and outdoor textures are coming inside and planting some roots.

Source: via PURE on Pinterest

The separation between what are appropriate materials for indoor vs. outdoor design has diminished. From rough cut tree stump end tables in the living room to natural stone hearths and inlay the walls and doors that previously kept these things out are opening wide and inviting them in.

Source: via PURE on Pinterest

Source: via PURE on Pinterest 

Yes, we’ll see a few vases filled with branches, but the incorporation of nature with interior design will be more functional and integrated than that with natural wood grain providing the most attractive of details for tables, chairs and sofas. You will even see beautiful, sturdy branches used as railing for the stairs. Smooth, natural stone isn’t just for hearths either; entire walls and floors can be covered in it especially in the bathroom. The rustic and sturdy feel to stonework will help keep those rooms cool in the summer too.

Source: via PURE on Pinterest

We encounter the fake all day everyday, plastics and synthetics. Why not create a space for yourself at home that has a solid longevity to it and a calming sturdiness that only nature can generate.

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